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Kimberly and I have been enjoying premium cigars a combined 48 years, and have found it frustrating, as we’re sure you have, with the ever-decreasing number of places where we can go enjoy sticks in an environment with other beginners, enthusiasts and aficionados.

ASH Cigar Lounge is committed to providing that experience thru our private club, offering reasonably priced VIP membership packages. All members have 24/7 access via secured door, BYOB privileges, invites to VIP Only events, and access to our upstairs lounge area. 

We do not sell any tobacco products or accessories at this time, but are planning on adding a select boutique assortment in 2024. Members are free to bring their own cigars and pipes to enjoy at the lounge. We are also in discussions with Bloomington based Presidents Cigars LLC, to carry their sticks on a consignment basis.

We hope you’ll come and join us, as we swap stories and share experiences with other cigar enthusiasts, in a fun and engaging atmosphere!

Bart Cumming

Managing Partner


Est. 2022

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