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Lounge Etiquette

  • If you ASH, no worries. Please grab one of the conveniently placed broom and dustpans, and sweep it up. No need to empty; we’ll take care of it.


  • Please do not blow smoke in anyone’s face. Regardless of whether you’re joking or not, the receiver gets the same uncool result.


  • This lounge provides all cigar enthusiasts (21 and over) a safe and welcoming environment in which to enjoy themselves. With that spirit in mind, please do not discuss politics, religion or any other divisive topics while on lounge property. Or, as Jackie Moon would say “E...L...E... Everybody love everybody”!

  • When finished with your cigar, please do not extinguish by smashing into an ashtray. Cigars are works of art, and deserve a dignified end. Plus, it creates a lot of unnecessary smoke. Please leave it in the ashtray and let it go out on its own. We’ll clean the ashtray up after you’ve gone.

  • Only cigars may be smoked inside the lounge. Other tobacco products are allowed on the deck.

  • Please do not lick your cigar's cap if using a lounge cutter.  It's not sanitary and the next person to use it will have been with every cigar you've been with.

  •  Relax and enjoy yourself.

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